General Research Interests
  • » Chemical dynamics:
    Ultrafast molecular science
    Molecule-light interaction
    Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics
    Time-resolved spectroscopy
    Ionization dynamics of molecules and clusters
  • » Methods: development and implementation of quantum dynamical approaches:
    MCTDH for identical particles (fermions, bosons)
    Electronic-nuclear dynamics beyond Born-Oppenheimer
    Mixed quantum/classical approaches to molecular dynamics
    Modern programming techniques (OO, interfase high- low-level languages...) for scientific computing.
Research group
  • » Postdoctoral researchers / research assistants:
    Dr. Sudip Sasmal
    Dr. Markus Schroeder
    Dr. Inga Ulusoy
  • » Students:
    Haifeng Lang (PhD, Vendrell, co-supervision with Dr. Philipp Hauke @ KIP)
    Johana Gmez (Master, Vendrell/Ulusoy)
  • » Interns:
    Patricia Koenig, Summer 2019 (Vendrell)
    Sebastian Pauly, Summer 2019 (Schroeder)
    Antje Timmermann, Summer 2019 (Ulusoy)
  • » Former postdoctoral researchers:
    Dr. Antonia Karamatskou (CUI) 2015-2017
    Dr. Mohamed E. Madjet, 2010-2013 (now @ Qatar Environment and Research Institute (QEERI))
    Dr. Kota Hanasaki (CUI) 2015-2016
  • » Former students:
    Caroline Arnold (PhD student, Hamburg)
    Sophia Bazzi (PhD student, Hamburg)
    Athiya Hanna (PhD student, Hamburg)
    Dr. Abid Hussain (grad 2017)
    Dr. Pankaj Kr. Mishra (grad 2014)
    Dr. Zheng Li (grad 2013)