General Research Interests
  • » Chemical dynamics:
    Ultrafast molecular science
    Molecule-light interaction
    Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics
    Time-resolved spectroscopy
    Ionization dynamics of molecules and clusters
  • » Methods: development and implementation of quantum dynamical approaches:
    MCTDH for identical particles (fermions, bosons)
    Electronic-nuclear dynamics beyond Born-Oppenheimer
    Mixed quantum/classical approaches to molecular dynamics
    Modern programming techniques (OO, interfase high- low-level languages...) for scientific computing.
Students and postdoctoral collaborators
  • » Current:
    Dr. Sudip Sasmal (postdoc)
    Dr. Markus Schroeder (research assistant)
    Athiya Hanna (PhD student, Hamburg)
    Caroline Arnold (PhD student, Hamburg)
    Sophia Bazzi (PhD student, Hamburg)
  • » Former postdocs:
    Dr. Antonia Karamatskou (CUI) 2015-2017
    Dr. Mohamed E. Madjet, 2010-2013 (now @ Qatar Environment and Research Institute (QEERI))
    Dr. Kota Hanasaki (CUI) 2015-2016
  • » Graduated PhD students:
    Dr. Abid Hussain (with Prof. N. Huse), 2016
    Dr. Zheng Li, 2013
    Dr. Pankaj Kr. Mishra, 2014
  • » Former intern students:
    Sayat Mimar, Summer student, 2014
    Jason Khadka, Bachelor student, 2014
    Jason Khadka, Summer student, 2013
    Mirco Grosser, Bachelor student 2013
    Mario Arkenberg, Bachelor student, 2012
    Anastasiya Bityutskaya, Summer student, 2011
Tesina (Diploma thesis) and Doctoral Thesis

Tesina (2002): Acoblament entre la transferncia protnica i la rotaci interna del grup metil a la molcula de 5-metiltropolona en estat excitat. Un estudi combinat mitjanant dinmica nuclear i clculs electrnics , (Coupling between proton transfer and methyl-group internal rotation motion in electronically excited 5-methyltropolone. A combined quantum dynamics and electronic structure study.)
original in Catalan language: view HTML // download PDF

Doctoral Thesis (2005): Estudi dinmic de processos de transferncia i eliminaci d'hidrogen: acoblament amb l'entorn , (Dynamical study of hydrogen transfer and elimination processes: coupling with the environment.)
in Catalan language: download PDF // alternate (external) download